Clever Monkeys

It is amazing how time flies when you having fun..
I haven’t posted much , due holidays and exhibition work..
Blk_sheep_Clvr_Monkey_invite06So for those who cant or couldn’t make it to the exhibit here is sneak peek of the clever monkey side of the exhibit.

As a caricature artist, I get so much enjoyment out of drawing people quickly. Over the years I have seen the many connections  between each individual  that I’ve drawn , their faces, personalities and character.
This has somehow led me to draw imaginary old world monkeys and great apes. I have always been fascinated that our primate relatives share so much with us and am excited by their agile bodies and beautiful plumage. I’ve also been disappointed that the theory of evolution and natural selection is misunderstood, due to it not been commonly taught at schools, as this prevents us from feeling affinity with them. Their glowing eyes appeal to us to speculate about their inner worlds and our connections with them.
One of the questions I am often asked when drawing caricatures is “Do you do this for a living?”, and the answers is YES! Damn it! So the idea of giving the monkey s professions was a way to convey each individual’s life choice, and a play on how others stereotype you based on your profession rather than the number of fleas you have or whether you like bananas.

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Clever Monkeys

Friday Afternoon! DEADline!!


Concept Character.. a 3D painter

A rough 20 minute concept Character.. A 3D painter semi naked and clothed..
I have been thinking about this character for a while. and last night, I opened one of moleskine sketchbooks and found the guy.
He is an Alien that has a can of  new technology  3D paint..

PINK Noise….

I’ve always been fascinated with synthesizers.. especially old analog ones that have buttons that say Pink noise…. which make like a SHHHHHHHHHHHHH sound!Peter_Woodbridge_studio_woo_PINK noise_2013

Pete Woo at the real comic Con


On the bus

The second Co Lab teaser.
A 1950’s pic taken inside an empty bus… some were in the world..Pete_woo_STUDIO_WOO_on-the-bus2013

Pete Woo in NY

I took this Pic in 2006 when I was in New York… and wondered who da faak!
no really just a bit of self promotion…Peter_Woodbridge_studio_woo_who-da-faak

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